What will happen if direct messages are separated by organizations?

Migrating your DMs

If a Direct Message (DM) is already attached to an organization, that DM will automatically migrate to that organization on May 16th, 2018; however, if a DM is not attached to an organization, you will need to manually select its destination.

All DMs that are not attached to an organization can be found under “Legacy Topics” in your global bar. You can access them by clicking the name of your organization, then selecting “Legacy Topics” from the dropdown menu. Then, a dialogue box will prompt you to select which DMs you would like to migrate to your organization.


If you dismiss this prompt, you can still migrate your DMs by going to “Legacy Topics", selecting the DM you would like to move, and using the “Migrate Topics” button at the top of the chat. This link will walk you through the simple three-step process.

Other changes you’ll see

Now that  topics and DMs are now separated by organization, you’ll notice a few other changes to your Typetalk experience, such as:

  • Your Notifications and Likes Activity tabs will only display updates (i.e. mentions and likes) from your current organization’s topics and DMs. You will see a green dot appear in your global bar when your other organizations have new updates.
  • You can only send DMs to other users within your current organization.
  • You will not be able to create new DMs in Legacy Topics.


For developers using the DM API

Due to these updates, you will not be able to use the existing endpoint URL from our DM API v1. We have created a new version, v2, with the following end-point URL: https://typetalk.com/api/v2/spaces/{space key}/messages/{account name}


All other data will retain the same format as v1.