How to migrate Legacy Topics

Web Browser and Desktop Applications
iOS and Android

Web Browser and Desktop Application

  1. Click your organization’s name or icon on the right-hand side of the global bar.


  2. From the drop-down menu, click “Legacy Topics”.


  3. Navigate to the Legacy Topic that you would like to migrate.
  4. On the gray bar below the Topic name, click the “Migrate Topics” button.


  5. Select which Legacy Topics you would like to add to your organization.


  6. Select the destination you would like to move your Topics to. You can choose either an existing organization or to create a new one.


  7. Finally, select any members of the Legacy Topic that you would like to migrate to the organization.

You should see a confirmation popup showing you the Legacy Topics that have been migrated to the organization. Click “OK” to close.


iOS and Android

There is no way to migrate legacy topics on mobile at this time.