How do I switch to Organization Plan

After logging in to Typetalk, you will see a wizard dialog prompting you to switch plans. You can also find the wizard by going to the Manage team page. Please switch from team to organization using the wizard. Your topics will not change and users are able to use Typetalk during the switching process.


You can move one or some teams into an organization. Groups with the same name will be created in the organization.


In the second step, select topics you want to move to your organization. You can not remove topics that are used in the teams you select in the previous step from the list. We recommend to select topics that are used in your team member but you can remove them by clicking "×" icon. You can add other topics by clicking "Add topics", and then the topic members will be the organization member.


In the third step, select organization. If you don't belong to any organizations, you need to create a new organization. If you belong organization, you can select one in existing organizations. If your organization hasn't use Typetalk plan yet, you need to select plan. 


In the last step, you can see new members in the organization. We set Admin to team administrators, Member to team members and Guest to each topic members in its initial value, but you can change if you need. You can not remove members belonging to teams that you selected in the first step from the list. You can remove non-team members, but they will leave topics that you selected in the second step.


After you finish all steps, you and your team members will continue to use Typetalk without any changes. Users never see topics that they have never joined before. You can see the organization icon on the left of the topic name, and see the organization name in the edit topic page.

Furthermore, you can switch to an organization from editing topic page if it's not used in any organizations. After click "Get started", go ahead a similar steps.

Switch from edit topic