What is the difference between free and paid plans?

Each plan has different limits for the following features.  Please visit our pricing table for details.


The maximum number of users who have joined any topic in the organization. This user number includes the total amount of administrators, members, and guests that you've granted access to Typetalk. When you exceed the user limit, you may not be able to add more users to a topic or create a new topic in the organization.

File attachment

The total size of files attached to the topics in the organization.  When you exceed the limit, you may not be able to attach more files.


Administrators can download a topic's messages as a CSV file. The export message feature can be found in Organization Settings.

Service integrations

The maximum number of service integrations (Backlog or Github) in all topics within the organization. When you have reached the integration limit, you will not be able to add more.

Search messages

If you do not belong to a paid organization, you will not be able to search older messages beyond the most recent 10,000 posts.

You can check the numbers of users and the total file size in the Manage Organization page. 1-en.png