Notifications and icon badges

You can receive notification from your favorite topics/mentions/direct messages (DM’s) when using Typetalk. However, the way these notification badges display on your app icon differ slightly based on your device.

Desktop Application

On Mac, you will see a numbered badge display for mentions, DMs only. Updates to unread favorited topics will display as a period. If you have both unread mentions/DMs and unread favorited topics, the badge will default to the numbered badge, and will not count unread favorited topics. For example, 1 unread mention, 1 unread DM, and 1 unread favorited topic will count as 2 notifications shown on the numbered badge.

On Windows, you will only see a period notification badge, but the icons for both Mac and Windows will look like this:


No updates to display.


Unread mentions and/or DMs.


Unread messages in your favorite topics.

Please note: on Desktop, you will only see notification badges for the organization you've currently selected on the Typetalk icon. However, you will be able to see notification batches for mentions/direct messages from all organizations. To find out more about reading notifications from different organizations, click here.

iOS app

On the iOS app, you can get push notifications and notification badges for mentions, DMs, and messages on unread favorited topics.


No mentions and/or DMs.


Unread mentions and/or DMs.